Saturday, 10 September 2011

Why do I go to the states?

The major reason, besides friends and family of course, is the food. Our peeps live in Portland which has an amazing collection of small food carts and affordable cafes and restaurants.
Probably the biggest reason though is to restock on hot sauce and other salsas from a local grocer like this one.

One of things that kiwis have, in common with the part of the US that I like and grew up in, is a love of hot rod culture. This trip we got it in spades. This roadster was right outside the tienda in the picture above.

We had heard about a car show at the Portland Art Museum, which charges admission by the way. I hate that about the states.:-(
Anyway, we heard that Steve McQueen's Jaguar was there, which means we had to go. You cannot ignore the KING of Cool. Or the cooler king for that matter.

This was a sweet ride, in British Racing Green no less.;-) Behind it you can see a Porsche of the same model that James Dean crashed resulting in his death. (Sorry but not the  number 14 which is an Aston Martin I believe. Actually you really can't see the Porsche that well at all.)

Look familiar? This folks, is THE prototype for the Corvette Stingray. Developed in secret by a mad Vice President of Chevy despite all of the American car manufacturers signing a no race car agreement in an effort to be the 'good guys' vs the evil european car crashing racers.;-)
Racer X anyone?

Now I will get back to painting...