Monday, 1 August 2011

Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred.

[Points that is...]
Tempest '11 was good fun. Much thanks to Stephen Stout and the other organizers.
Had a few good games and a few frustrating bits. Back was bugging me a bit, long week. Good to see some good peoples I don't see very often.
I, in common practice for me, was using an untried list after a major reboot after Simon thrashed me with his force of Welsh drunkards. Err English Motor Coy.;-)
I actually used an infantry company!
Dismounted Cav with two sections, an SSF platoon and three T8's. (Unturreted Stuarts!)
First up was pooch with a...Dismounted Cav Co.!
His had Sherman 105mm assault guns and a TD section of M6's. He disparagingly called them trucks; while I was in love.

His assault guns find a bunch of tasty infantry that failed to assault because they were pinned. Or failed tank terror or something else that means they weren't following orders.

Lovely, 37mm AT gun armed, 3/4 ton trucks. [Not jeeps Josh.]

The end of the end. Right after the M6's popped he bagged a T8, my infantry never really rallied after the assault guns showed up. They just got chewed up.
Victory to Pooch in what would become a trend at the club today.

Then I fought Dave and narrowly lost.
Defensive fire goes to any unit within 4" of an assaulting unit by the way.

Then I had an intersting showdown with some Jerry Cav.
Fun to face armored cars as infantry with a couple .50 cals, [Ma Deuce! Dammit!]

T8's attack! Where did we leave those 37's again?

Bagged a 37mm armed 251 with a ma deuce!
A dodgy rules interpretation or two left me with a draw.

Then I threw down with Brent and finally Stephen who was clearly knackered.
I beat both of them with SSF assaults on their tanks/TD's and used my T8's to good effect while covering with the dismounted cav troopies.
It only took me three games + to get it right.
I will use this force and my T8's in the future.

Huzzah Tempest! and to the CHCH Cavaliers as well!

Sorry for the crap pictures.


  1. Hi Adam, it was definitely buzzing on your side of the aisle and you guys looked to be having fun.

    Re: Dave - you need to set some ground-rules lol It'll pay off in the long run.

  2. Like I should know them, the rules.
    Thx Jamie;-)

  3. Good concise battle report Adam :)

    We must have another game sometime, like when we dont have to snow mobile to the venue :P


  4. You've got a snowmobile? Sweet!;-)
    Yes we must!
    Talk to you guys soon, back to the beach for now;-)