Saturday, 23 July 2011

Grappa is Italian for Hard Licks

This week I finally had a game of FoW with Andy from Cavs who has been around here playing for ages. He has several armies for various games including WoTR, Impetus and Flames, and they all look awesome, certainly one of the best painters and modellers around here.
We had planned on a 1500pt MW but I had brought most of my minis and he brought LW Panzergrenadiers due to a mixup. He had rightly assumed that I only had a LW army.
Anyhoo, no worries, I even had a 1750 list with me for LW.

91st Armored Recon Sqd.
HQ, 2 platoons(1 with two patrols), 3 Scotts, 3 Stuarts, 4 Shermans, TD Section, Combat Engineers and a 105 battery.

Andy had a pile of gorgeous Infantry, Pioneers with flamethrowers and a Goliath, a Pak 40 bunker and 3 pak 40's, 2x HMG bunkers, Nebelwerfers and infantry guns as well.

Both of which were pretty typical forces for Italy.
Getting in late can be tough at Cavs but we scrounged up a table, 4x6 (so smallish), and some terrain. He grabbed some cool fortifications and shellholes from the 40K pile;-)
Taking a look at the missions we go with Hasty Attack, should be tough on the short table and a ton of Landsers to face.
We each start with half of our platoons, I get reinforcements but Andy gets delayed. He also resolves to go with scattered in a gentlemanly fashion.

With the Pak bunker on a hill in the center flanked by the MG bunkers and a platoon of PzG to the left as well as another platoon in ambush I have a tough time planning.
I resolve to move up my CEP on the right through the abandoned fort, move a patrol of Cav up the middle into dead space and another leading the Shermans on my left.
The 105's are on board as well.

Right off the bat I move my Cav patrol and it triggers the ambush platoon of panzergrenadiers in the center of the bombed section. I quickly have to move it back, combined with hiding from the shooting from the Paks my 'attack' has stalled as I 'rope a dope' and wait for something 'good' to happen.

Lot's of largely inneffectual shooting is going on, though I lose a Sherman by being careless as I try to MG the landsers in the center. Meanwhile I'm working up my CEP on the right and my cav patrol on the left.

His PzG platoon in the center is still refusing to die and in fact is advancing and trying to kill the newly arrived TD section as well as my Company commander and Cav patrol.

Finally, I get my light tanks massed for the actual attack. My CEP jumps out of the fortifications on the right and the Stuarts and Scotts haul ass up the middle/right to suppress the HMG bunkers and the recently arrived PzG platoon number 3.

With some tips from him and Josh I assault a Neb to edge up closer to the objective after some successful shooting from the lights.
His counterattack is unsuccessful due to drawing in my Scotts for defensive fire as I had actually planned.

I have the objective but he wants to punish me more. Killing a cav patrol with his infantry guns as well as the remaining Shermans with the Pioneer's Goliath.
His aircraft were a contant annoyance as were the Nebs.

I hold it and win finally at about 10:30, officially the last game at the club.;-)

My final body count, a few landser stands, an HMG bunker, a Neb and not much else.
My casualties, half of the CEP, a Cav Patrol, 2 jeeps, a Scott, 3 Shermans, a TD section and a 105

Fun game despite me being unconfident for a chunk of it.8P
I'm pissed none of my photos of Andy's awesome army came out, had to reboot my phone etc etc. No one cares I know.


  1. Hi Adam,

    Andy is a great painter and a very, very, tough defender. Hasty Attack is a tough mission to attack in as well - though I like the mod Andy gave it to make it at least a little more fair. I think it is probably a little more reasonable vs a more base-line defender like Andy, rather than the boiling counterattack toward the middle you can face vs others.

    He has been around here for a while too - beat me at my very first tournament game!

  2. It's all that initial training he got down here in Timaru Jamie before moving to the big smoke.

    I fully agree re: his painting (and modelling skills) all his armies are very, very impressive