Monday, 25 July 2011

The defeat of Heatmiser

Long live Snowmiser!

Anyway, I'm sicky as well, so I might as well model. Been doing some of the extensive clean up and assembally of the Old Glory Bulgarians and Pechenegs. The models aren't bad and weren't hard to assemble but the numbers required me to pass a morale check.
I'm looking at 40 cavalrymen and twenty of them were in halves, quite a few need drilling out of the various hands as well as inserting pins to aid in painting.
Anyhoo got a bunch done. Still waiting on a good break down of the horse colorings, I have descriptions, but need a percentage breakdown of how many will be bays, carmello, black etc.

Actually, I'm exaggerating already, I need less than 40, more like 35.

Here you can see the sculpts of the Bulgars. These are the approximate breakdowns by base as well with three stands of 3 Pechenegs as CM off camera to the right, and two stands of 3 Bulgars as CM and two stands of 2 for the Skirmishers.
Jury is still out on the skirmishers though, 8x4 or 8x7cm? Are you sick of basing discussions yet?
I have a tablesaw now so I'll be knocking out them bases myself.;-)
(I don't even have the 3mm MDF yet, so if you need some drop me a line.)

Tempest is this weekend and I've got my shift covered so I can make it again.

Secret project is in the works.


  1. You have your work cut. Good luck with project. Looks like back to work for me tomorrow now that the snow has stopped.

  2. They're nice looking models. I look forward to seeing the paint jobs on the mustached dudes on horsies. ;)

    Did the Bulgars make use of any siege weaponry? Anything horse-drawn?

  3. Looks like some turretless Stuarts- For the weekend perhaps?

    Very much looking forward to seeing the Bulgars with some paint on them, revenge for my Lasalle temptation is more Impetus temptation?

  4. Thanks guys!
    Keane, not too much really as far as I know. I would like to make some wagons for their CP though.
    Pooch, I have no knowledge of any such operation...