Sunday, 17 July 2011

All the pretty horses...

are here! Or will be once I paint them up in their respective colorings. Or coats or whatever you call them. I should have a better idea after all of this reading on their coloring. The horses that the Bulgars rode were the forerunners of the modern Akhal - Teke which have some pretty cool colorings and the light ones will have some of the trademark metallic look to them.
Which leads us to my General who will be modelled on Khan (yes Khan! "I will get you Keerk!") Asparukh, which means, 'he who has shiny horses.'
All of this gear is for my first Impetus army, which is inexplicably(!) a cavalry based army. It also marks a return to 28mm minis for me. They are huge!

So here we have a pile of Pechenegs, which are basically proto Ukrainians, they will be light allied cavalry armed with composite bows. With them is a pile of headquarters unit types, standard bearers and drummers etc. as well as Khan Asparukh himself!

On this pile we see the actual Bulgars with their distinctive moustaches and shapkas.
As with any sculpts that I haven't seen first hand I was a little worried until I saw them. They aren't old Tom Meier, (old sculptor for Ral Partha) quality but they look good and have enough detail to represent what I want. Also, they don't just look like Mongols! Not that there is anything wrong with looking like a Mongol if you are one. In fact I'm pretty sure they might be mistaken for them when passers by see 12 stands of cavalry!

In other game news we had a great game Thurs night. There was looting, fighting and killing. As well as traps, puzzles, paralized co-workers, home made ropes, gold and XP baby!

Kassafeh Toecutter sez Huzzah!


  1. Awesome,

    I just showed Keith how to play Impetus today using my Romans vs Romans and I was wondering when your's would arrive - and here they are.

    I've been trying to figure out if you meant Medieval Bulgars (like that colour plate earlier on in your blog). But no, these are the earlier ones that got rolled up in the Hunnic expansion for a while? So they can fight my 'timeless' (they are the army of all the hollywood movies) Romans.

    Can't wait to face them on the table.

  2. Yeah, these are 8th century Bulgars when they were throwing down with the Byzantines. That portrait was Khan Krum ca. 826 or so but painted much after the fact.
    The list you showed me that I built this from is Volga Bulgars 675-1237 AD
    So yeah, Huns to you uneducated Roman Christians.;-)