Saturday, 14 May 2011

New Sacrificial Stuart Platoon

I finally got around to working on some tanks because I wanted something good looking to attack Jason's Sperrverbande. His army of cagey veterans looks great!
I had knocked some green on a few weeks ago to make them 'playable', but it was killing me because I loves me some Stuarts.
So I started over, I've found this guide to be very useful for help painting American armor.

My favorite part is trying to figure out something cool to add, it can be tough though. I also figure that since they're yanks they can have a bit of a gypsy look to them as loot they're way across Europe.;-)

Now I really need to sort out my command group

...and my artillery battery. Etc.


  1. They look good, Adam.

    I'll have to bring along the T-34 horde sometime and we can meet across the Elbe.

    It's good to see the arty, air and SPAT being more of a feature on the table. LW is a hairy place to be a US commander!

  2. The Stuarts look great. I like the camouflaging webbing on the turrets and front-end. (Sorry - I don't know the terminology for that accessory).

  3. Thanks Keane,
    the camo netting is made from cheesecloth which I dyed with coffee. (I still have to put some foliage and hessian on it.)
    The cheesecloth works best of anything I've seen so far.