Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A couple Bat Reps

So I have been behind with a couple reports, one is even lacking pictures. So much for the ideals of a plan. 8P

Last Thurs I had a great fun match up with Jason and his Sperrverbande. We had 1000 points agreed upon and we rolled No Retreat.

Jason's Sperr
a couple effing Sperr platoons
4x Pak 40's
3x StuG's

I had HQ
2 x Cav Plt, 1 patrol each
4x Stuarts
4x Shermans
3x Scotts
105mm Battery

He had a couple Pak 40's and an infantry platoon on my left.
In a terrible repeat of my last attack against a Sperr unit my feint up the right flank failed to get any successful ranging attempts. It did however pop his KG of infantry and two Pak 40's in ambush which massacred my Sacrificial Stuart Platoon in short order. Then the StG's appeared.
I did eventually move my main effort to the other flank after successfully bailing two and killing one StuG with a, wait for it, yes an artillery barrage!
It finally came down to assaulting, fighting over a wee patch of ground near a field that HQ wanted us to take.
Assault and counter assault...Shermans and then Scotts. Finally time was up and we called it a draw. Edge to Jason I think.
Cheers mate, always fun to play against.;-)

Next Bat Rep, my inaugural 4x4 table match in my shed with Simon and his Welsh Guards.
600 pointer because we were supposed to be doing yard work etc.

His Welsh Guards
2 Full (?)Infantry Platoons with Piats
UC Recce Plt with .50 cals(!)
3x Shermans

My Cav
HQ (2xM8 Greyhounds)
1 Cav Patrol (M8, recon jeep, mortar jeep)
4x Stuarts
2x Scotts
Full Cbt Eng Plt with 2 Bzks

One objective going live on turn 3, the tea room in a pink farmhouse, (the yanks heard it was coffee and doughnuts...)dead center.

The Welsh infantry were working up my left through a wood and trying to hold the center behind a hedge with a Sherman platoon behind a hedge on my right.
The cav pulls their recon moves and hopes for some infantry to MG.

While they worry about when and where the Shermans will move.

Stuart platoon sprints up to threaten the center.

The Scotts open up but are ineffectual.

Only to be sniped by a Shermans 75mm later!

Infantry on our left!

We hammer the center with MG's and mortars again. Killing a couple teams. They decide to dig in and let their bros do the work.
Bag a UC and that's it with the M8 37mm

We move to support our Recon patrol, after the M8 gets bagged.

Then the Stuarts get all crazy and jump through the woods. They actually bag a Sherman and bail one!

My assault skills are still lacking, I fail to support my teams properly.
We assault and counter assault.

It comes down to the last counter assault and Simon gets us.
Great game Simon!


  1. What's the strategy for supporting your teams in an assault situation? MG or mortar fire?

    Is that aid during the assault or aid preventing an assault against you?

  2. Hi Adam,

    Cool reports. That game vs Simon looked pretty fun!

  3. Both games were super fun. I forgot to get pics of Jason and I's game because of our chatting.;-)
    Simon and I chatted a lot of course too but I was resolved to get some pics, *because* I had missed my Thursday photo op.
    Basically Keane, you need to shoot up the platoon you are going to assault enough to pin them, which will help limit their return fire. (5 hits) As well as killing as many teams as you can.
    Defensively you need to have enough teams to successfully defend and you may have to combine platoons so as to draw in reinforcements when you are attacked. That means being within 4" of attacking teams. It is tough to arrange for that when you are trying to defend a large area with small amounts of troops or are unsure exactly where you will be attacked.

  4. Good Bat Reps Adam,

    Good game last week as well, The CAV always seem to do it hard but kudos fro you in persisting in an army that most consider sub-optimal.

    Having said that, a ton of 50cals helps alot!

    Your table looks cool too. Is it going to be enitirely Hex?


  5. I'm going to work out this Cavalry thing.;-)
    Yes, the M2 .50cal is a thing of beauty, still in service all over the world.

    My last table I had several 15cm hexes stenciled on in a scattered but to scale pattern. My initial idea was no measuring before shooting, only for movement. But it was mean enough putting player characters in M8 Greyhounds.8P

    The hex bases for the buildings that Ruth did are still there, tho the table is one color right now. I may do the partial hex again, who knows.

    Right now I am wanting some Sci-Fi mayhem with frikken lasers after seeing your new set up!