Friday, 6 May 2011

4x4 table of waugh

School is in session.

My shed is now operational. (I can also fix bicycles.)
I'm interested in small point totals, especially to practice assaults.

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  1. Broke in the table today with a 600pt game with Simon's awesome looking Welsh Guards. He had a good list with two infantry platoons, UC's w .50's, and 3 Shermans. I had a single Cav patrol, 4 Stuarts, 2 Scotts and an Engineer Cbt Platoon.
    After trading MG's shots it turned into a vicious brawl of course.
    Highlights include killing a Sherman with a Stuart, and the Stuart platoon surviving!
    Win to Simon after a savage fight for the tea room in the center.
    Great game mate!