Friday, 20 May 2011

Thought wheels grinding...

all of this Impetus talk has had my juices going for some time.
I've finally arrived at what may just be the ticket.
I wanted to do some kind of Slav, and we all know my love for the cav, (hiding a deep inner-city fear of horses...), a bit Hun-ish, very Slav, some Persian influence as well as being early adopters of Christianity.
Need help with minis etc.


  1. 15mm or 25mm?

    A quick googling revealed Bulgar minis produced by Old Glory and Khurasan.

  2. Looks pretty damned cool, Adam.

    You joining us in 25/28mm scale Impetvs?

    I've seen a few cool Impetvs armies made up using 1/72 soft-plastics too. So what if they are smaller, as long as basing is the same, and they are cheap and readily available.

    There is a lot of Eastern European stuff from them, especcially via Zvedka. There is a local who imports a lot of these types of kits for locals to purchase off him.


  3. Those 25mm Old Glory mini's look pretty cool, they even have a specific line of Asiatic tribesmen and wagons.
    Jamie what are these Svedka minis? I can't seem to find them.

  4. Found em. Zvezda!
    All I see that might work are the Mongols, which seem a bit off for my Bulgars.

  5. Yay, Bulgars! Looks really quite cool and interesting Adam.

    I will be keen to see what you come up with.


  6. Right now I am looking at Old Glory because I'm not seeing anything easily convertible to Early Bulgars from HaT or Zvezda.
    If you see something, anyone, please give me a heads up.;-)
    I want to do a list of;
    Heavy Cav Boyar (Noble) and Command group 2 or three stands total,
    Medium Cav with spears or bows and sabres couple stands,
    Light Cav with bows, sabres and shields (these two unit types are the bulk)
    Medium and Light Infantry Slav's with spears and axes.
    I don't have a rulebook yet, advice would be helpful. # of mini's, mix of units etc

  7. Hi Adam,

    If you like the OG figs - I'd definitely get those over Zvedka. I had the Russian mounted knights in mind, but they may well not be close enough.

    Going for metals means you will have figures that are the same scale as everyone else and wont have to worry about paint flaking off bendy plastics (or finding ways to coat them - to mitigate this).

    In terms of fig numbers:
    Here is the Volga Bulgar list -

    You would start with a 300-400pt force (300 is plenty) and halve the minimums on that list so the 4-8 CM cavalry becomes 2-8 etc.

    For our smaller basing sizes:

    Personally, I'd never put 2 horse figs on a base unless it is incredibly low power scout cavlry (say VBU 2) and would also be looking to make CM bases that charge (but perhaps not shooty ones) four. Even if some CM are threes and LH are threes, you can just give the LH a skirmishy formation and have the CM formed.

    Still that isn't a rules thing, it is a making your cav not look wimpy thing.

  8. I'm asking on my blog for others as well:

    I'm thinking about going with the Old Glory but I haven't seen the sculpts myself and their pics are crap.
    I can afford 4 of their packs from their Asiatic Horsemen Range,( under Dark Ages which makes me feel good).
    Mounted Command/Tribal Standards x1
    Heavy Noble Cavalry x1
    Pechenegs x1 (Ukrainians - ish)
    Bulgars x1
    So that will give me 5 stands of CM
    and 6 stands of CL in a 300pt list
    I want some infantry but it may have to wait... I also want those wagons!
    Also, the Poor and Average costs at the top, are those for leaders?

    Does Tim have the Impetus rules in hardcover?
    Cheat sheets?
    Is Basic enough?

  9. Hi Adam, a forum like TMP - though it is a prickly place! - (I've also found Warseer helpful) or something simlar could be a good place to go.

    I asked a similar question about OG Sarmatians, sicne I could find no painted pics anywhere, and someone came through for me.

    Googling their existing threads, I at least learned that Essex also do at least one Bulgar figure - but again no pics, sorry.

    I've had a lot of fun with Basic. Full adds reactions and command + control rules. Poor and Average will be 'command structure' (general's command radius). You will also need to separately buy Generals: (Genius/Charismatic = 40, Expert = 30, Good = 20, Poor = 10, Incompetant = 0, Cowardly = -10) IIRC. Will have rules with me on Thurs, if you are there.