Wednesday, 20 January 2016

28mm WIP Partisans and others

Just to let you all know that I have got some things done. Or rather that I've started on a few things.
I still need decals for my M10, whereas my Stuart just needs some non-denominational numbering and stowage so it can be Russian or American depending on who shows up.;-) Because I just got an SU-76 I may make the M5 more recognisably Yank. (ie with the M1919 AA MG)

This is my partizan recce team
My Black Tree partizans are looking pretty good and are nearly done now. They will do double duty as well, being part of my Russian WW2 list and the Nemesis RPG I'm running now.

Partizan demolitions team
There are some cool personalities in their sculpts. Some could be from further west.

Partizan overwatch team

Delta Green, thanks Keane!
Generic agents in macintoshes. One hard man with a shotgun. Not sure of manufacturer. I have a few more to go of these as well as some Hasslefree armed civilians to go with them. Skirmish Zombie?

Wizard for Frostgrave
I found this in my pile of very old RPG minis. I think it's an old Reaper mini, but not sure. Welcome to my new Frostgrave army, as yet unnamed, selected or played.;-)


  1. Nice to see those DG agents painted! At least 2 of the 3 are from Wargames Foundry's "Street Violence" range (specifically, the "Blood on the Sidewalk collection": Those 2 are part of the "Lovemore Detective Agency" pack.

    I don't know about the "hard man with a shotgun". Probably also from Wargames Foundry.

    1. Thanks Keane, more are on the table!

    2. That's a nice Frostgrave Wizard mini, by the way. Nice pose. Are you going to stick with brown/earth color tones with her or go for flashier colors for a wizzy?

    3. She's actually blue and grey but the picture got overwhelmed by my Jovian desk.

  2. They look cool Adam. I've been bit with the BA bug a bit recently too and pulled out and based some of my Finns.....

    ...they are readying themselves to be Crushed By a 10 year old pushing Some Soviets.

    But your Partisans are giving me ideas.

    1. Despite history being on your side I'm sure that Josh is a better roller than you...
      Once you GM, your dice are ruined forever, it's a curse I know well.;-)

      Partisans are cool, until you look at their actual military effectiveness. As a way to force armies to disperse while you abrade their will to fight however...