Sunday, 14 December 2014

Scratch-built Shipping Containers, 28mm or 1/48

So I decided that I needed more modern like terrain a while ago and I had an idea to make some shipping containers. I put it off several times, thinking 'aren't there some cheap ones floating around somewhere?', and ' how much time 'til this essay is due?!'.
Ahem, then the other night I had it visualised and decided to strike while the iron was hot. lol

Quick dimensions... IRL 2.59m x 2.44m x 6.1m for a 20' 'standard' container, (12.2m L for a 40' obviously) Those translate to 5.4cm x 5.1cm x 25.4cm for a 40' 'standard container', (which makes a 40' container pretty big on a 1200mm square tabletop!) So I made two 20 footers, (12.7cm long for a 20'), rationalising that they had a better chance making it to remote areas of Central Asia in any case.;-)

I would also like to add that there have been several attempts to change the standard container size and there are some regional ones as well with slight variation, but this shape has been in use for decades and will be for some time as there are millions in circulation! (No fellow CHCH peeps, they are not all here. Just all of the traffic cones are here...)

Using thick cardboard or foamcore cut the floor and reinforcing for the walls

Roof is cardstock and the walls are stripped cardboard

The second ready to go

Glueing with PVA and weights to add strength to the bond

More of the same

Added cardstock front and split back for the doors
Just need to add locking bars and other details. One red primer the other blue primer, both with random shipping logos. This is intended to make them usable for near future Scifif as well.
The scale looks good. My converson was based on 1/48 if anyone cares. Most of my models for 28mm are 1/48 and look pretty good for wargaming purposes.

Would love suggested corporate logos to use! One might have to be Blue Sun...


  1. They are really cool mate! Great work!

    1. Thanks Rodger but compared to your work this is nothing!

  2. Looking sharp bud- remind me to bore you about the history of the shipping container when I am down next week....

    You might have to make another up to be a permanent vehicle checkpoint for your Afghans?

    1. I definitely would be keen.
      Great idea! I'm looking for a way to scratch-build hescos as well. Anyone?

    2. My plan with hescos is to make the right sized box, probably out of polystyrene foam, then wrap it with gauze bandage to give the right texture, then add a layer of sand on the top.

      The foam might need a little bit of shaping to make it right, but I think it should give the right effect.

      Have I tried it? Not yet!

    3. Cool idea, but use plaster or perma-filla as just foam will be too light for table use.

      I ran into issues with dimensions, they do so many sizes! Trying to figure which configurations to start with.

    4. I have a fair bit of the hard green foam, it should be a good base, and is readily available. but that isn't to say that plaster etc wouldn't be a better option!

      There are a few standard unit sizes- I will see if I can dig em up.

  3. If I'd known I'd have tossed some AT-43 shipping containers in with that package I shipped you last month. I've got a number sitting around in storage. Wouldn't have scratched the DIY itch, though.

    Speaking of AT-43, get any use out of that Fire Toad? :)

    1. No need Keane you've sent me enough!
      That Fire Toad will be used for our Post Apoc game and or for Infinity. But I haven't knocked out a conversion for it yet.
      Those DG minis are in the queue soon though.