Saturday, 20 December 2014

Last One Out of the Valley...

Finally got a game in to try out my new tabletop.

First, the photo shoot.

Verlinden M1117*, Maisto Ford Ranger, Tamiya GMV*, Airfix Jackal

mumble, mumble unpainted... and a Tumbler!

Poochie I'm still waiting on stats...

This shoot was conceived as a scale comparison.

Now with Dish Dash's excellent ANZACs, verdict? All vehicles gameable. 

First game, Kiwis and ANA leaving a valley. IED threat.

Trying to get to the river through this choke point at dusk is hair-raising

IED detonates, then all hell breaks loose...
 I actually missed the Ranger with the IED and both Taliban fireteams with RPG's! Well, that is I hit but only degraded it's 'main gun' and forced bail checks which they passed three times!

Some ANA soldiers are hit, but the Taliban are getting caned.
 Got a serious and two light wounds on the ANA fireteam. They walk it off however...

The Ranger, driven by two Kiwi soldiers, runs the gauntlet!

Why am I using my FoW dice, they never work.

Second time around I play the ISAF, Kiwis and ANA. ANA stop and debuss.

Kiwis debuss and head straight for the compound on the right. Jackpot!

After dropping a few, brick A assaults and clears. Terry does a runner!

Brick B ready to clear the next ridge.
Very fun as usual Mr Simon. Table worked well with plenty of cover and open space, and it looked decent. Would love to hear from you guys during my break!

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