Thursday, 4 December 2014

Multi-purpose Arid Wargaming Table

So at this point I have been super busy with family stuff, which is awesome, as well as school. I had to bag on an RPG session this week. (Sorry John et al) but I have been working on projects in between all of this and work.
As you may know my game room is now a sleep out and my old table was ruined in the floods. This time I wanted something a bit cooler than just painted plywood and I wanted it for use with Sangin or Infinity or what have you 28mm as well as the occasional 15mm or 6mm game.
So it's only 1200mm square but that's what I had left over from making this!

'Chuck Box' for car camping
So it basically provided me with my design constraints of the 9mm plywood and the 1200mm square instead of 1200x1800mm. Oh well, next one.;-)

After reinforcing and priming, perma-filla, sanding, and then ballast

Olive drab low ground and black spray high ground

Then a muddy brown bridging them

Shows it a bit better
Then a heavy dry brush of khaki over the high ground, (one more after this pic)
Finally heavily diluted muddy brown for toning down the olive
After this I will add some mud and water details in addition to flocking and static grass, while I finish my buildings.
I'm pretty stoked on it, for 6mm it looks a  bit like the Golan Heights to me. It still looks suitable for Central Asia in 28mm which was my goal. It was fun to remember when I used to paint and get a bit Pollacky as well.

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