Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Walled Compound Scratch-build, Step by Step WIP #1

So I needed some terrain suitable for 28mm on my newly planned "four by four foot table of waugh!"
I can re-purpose my hills and woods as well as my river and the roads. But I needed some buildings. I plan of doing both a green and an arid side to this table but arid first. So for my Central Asian buildings I grabbed a mobile phone box and started hacking into it with a box cutter.

They were already the perfect size, but very square...

Cut and don't be fussy.

Note that the top has been cut off and flipped

Cross hatching to help the gap filler stick

Then I plastered them, heavily and sloppily.

This cardboard is going to make the walls.

These were pre-folded into the right height. Lazy me! Then glued to 3mm MDF

Again the heavy plastering.
The buildings were put on 5mm MDF and I sanded down the edges and put down more PVA glue and sand for texture on the bases.


  1. Like it. Perfect for Guys in thermo-optic camouflage and their four legged robotic buddies :-)

  2. My HaqqIslam are in the mail. But I'll only have nine to start out with.
    I can see my proxies already...drug addled mercenaries from some wasteland.
    Very heavily armed and very unreliable... kinda like my Fallout army. Weird.

  3. Yeah, I've only very recently got to a point where I'm not mixing in post-apoc guys It would be awesome if Haqqislam had cool drop troops like your Guys!