Friday, 27 December 2013

[SAGA] Horse stew with leeks

Finally wedged in a quick game of SAGA with my mate Simon. He is working on a list of Welsh, and last I had seen, had given a Rick (using Harald Hardrada same as me) a smashing with them. Because of this I was worried.
He had Hearthguard on horses! And still more hearthguard! Also warriors with 'poo sticks', which he had taken to unappetisingly begun referring to his javelins as. (Icky!) Unsanitary!

My warriors with my warlord Rurik
Simon had advanced his hearthguard cavalry up to my right flank very quickly and got too close to my Varnagians. I was able to close with them in two moves and with a couple decent rolls obliterated them.

Some refugees loitering nearby
His other units didn't seem ready for this and weren't in position to threaten me. I pushed hard on this left and moved my warriors and Rurik up to threaten his center.

On my left flank
He was slowing me down and chucking javelins now and again when finally his Warlord thrashed out at my warriors in the center eviscerating them but unable to get the sole survivor. Lucky for me! (Somewhere in here I used 'Valhalla' to good effect!)

Varangians ready to mess some people up
My core mob of twelve Varangians, well now ten, leap into the fray smashing his foot hearthguard and throwing them back with heavy casualties.

Welsh WIP staving off the inevitable
I'm looking forward to when these are actually done as Simon is a brilliant painter.

That's twenty odd dice of hate there Welshy
Finally we catch his warlord and he can't run off this time. Twenty plus dice smash into him and only two warriors are close enough to sacrifice themselves for Wales.
The end.
So my dice rolling actually helped me for once! Nice change that. Also his piecemeal engagement helped me alot. The panzer brigade really is a one trick pony. We are coming straight for you!
No joke.
Fun game Simon! I know we'll meet again!
I love SAGA, for me it's the perfect Thursday night game. I'm knackered and can't think properly. Hulk smash!


  1. Excellent report Adam, lovely photos too. Got a Dark Age game myself tomorrow!