Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Recon in Vietnam; Tiger Stripe Recipe

Well I've finally got these most of the way done. Just finishing basing really. I am in a bit of a quandary with the brush I've used and if it looks to cartoony or fish tank like. The minis are, The Assault Group and a mix of "Special Forces" and "SAS", meaning Aussie. They were pretty close to US LRRPs or other reconnaissance units. With an opportunity like this I had to go with tiger stripe as it was widely used and looks very cool.

The sculpts are pretty good but not great. The detail and poses are pretty good, better than most.
I really want EBob to do his...
I didn't feel like kitbashing but these need a couple RTO's. Three or more canteens each. Better sculpted rifles and a few more things but on the table no one will know except me. And you of course.

In practice these are close enough to be any of several units; US Army Lrrps, US Special Forces, USMC Recon, Aussie or Kiwi SAS, over the early period of the Second Indochina War. Say 1965 to 1969

Here is my recipe for advisor tiger stripe, a version of Vietnamese Marine tiger stripe.
German armor desert basecoat.
Kislev flesh
Green grey stripes,
Green brown stripes,
Black, lightened with khaki, stripes.
Weapons, black and gun metal, wood stock for the m79.
Russian green packs and webbing.
Green grey highlights.
Agrax wash.
Khaki dry brush lower half of body and onto pack.
Beige dry brush upper half

Now I just need some Vietnamese!


  1. Great looking figures, very effective basing.

  2. Very nice painting and absolutely awesome basing. One suddenly feels like beeing deep in the jungle.

    1. Cheers thanks mate! That's what I was going for.

  3. Great looking fig's and basing. Very impressive!

  4. Looks the goods Adam! Can you suggest a suitable range for VC? Could be tempted for an opfor...

    1. Thanks mate, I just found this page,
      which I suggest anyone considering the Second Indochina War in 28mm visit.
      He has an excellent overview of all of the ranges.

    2. Sadly I just realised how old this is. Only TAG and Baker Co and Eureka and Company B are left really. I can vouch for TAG personally. Get a mix of NVA and Viet Cong so maybe we double them for the Viet Minh in the 50's!;-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks bro. Now get back to work on SRI!;-)

    2. Si Hefe. Am doing sweatshop work as we speak to give you lot some chargen material!

  6. Superb painting and the bases really set them off.
    Merry Christmas,