Tuesday, 26 February 2013

[FoW] Day of Days, a trip to Timaru.

Andy and I were stoked to head down to the annual dust up in Timaru, Day of Days.
Hosted by our mates there, Craig and Kent among others.
During the build up we re-based his Cossacks and he manufactured some limbers for the Zis 3 collection. Andy was additionally bringing two tables worth of terrain including some of Jason's.
Last Thursday we wanted to get together for a chin wag as well as a practice game for me, since I've never run Soviets of any kind before.(In FoW!)
There was a disaster when Andy's Hilux hit a speed bump a bit too fast and the a drawers of minis and terrain took an unscheduled jump into the air and a hard landing back on the bed. The extent of the damage wasn't obvious until we started pulling out the Cossacks. Instead the evening was spent repairing and talking about the units that we were bringing.

Tankovy Fearless Conscript
HQ and two platoons of T34/76 11 total
BA-64 platoon
Cossack Platoon w SMG's and PTRD's

Cavalry Fearless Trained
Cossack Platoon w 3x PTRD's
Four infantry platoons
Zis3 x8 with Horses
120mm Mortars
45mm AT guns
2200 points total for the two of us.

Game 1 was versus Dave and Cal's Tank Co and Panzergrenadier Co. (in a blizzard!)

The large platoon of Cossacks threaten. Davai! Davai!

Cossacks with SMG lead the way across the railbridge

BA-64's up in the Jerries grill

Horse artillery still streaming across the bridge.

Dave's competition winning objective.  Very cool snowman.

Cal's Pz III trading pot shots with the horse arty.

Dave's landsers getting support from their panzer buddies. (Andy's awesome objective.)

Panzer IV's reinforcing  the III's on their right
Flaming mess of a tankovy platoon

On the objective! Contested. Times up.

 We struggle and try multiple assaults against both sides. Getting thrown back initially, until the air comes in and kills a couple tanks, relieving the pressure. It allowed us to pile onto his left and after some lucky T34 shooting we were on the objective. Contested. Times up.

Next up was Encounter with a Axis attacking according to the script. We met Josh and Jeff's panzer hordes.
It was in Andy's Stalingrad table that was super dense and congested with rubble etc. Terrible for us...

Panzer II not quite out of LOS of the 45mm AT guns

Rubble bristleing with AT guns
Where'd they come from?! Stugs and Marders decimate a tankovy platoon.

A very bloody approach.

Our right target objective, infested.

The final assaults. 

Nearly all of those tanks would die in the ensueing fracas. But in the end it was the grenadiers. We couldn't get there fast enough.

Saturday ended with a great BBQ and hang out session that lasted way too long for me evidently.

Sunday we had a great start with us narrowly defeating Keith and Estella due to us having some luck finally with the dice.
Our second game we weren't so lucky against Craig's panzers and Dale's Aufklarung.
Sorry, no pics low battery and splitting headache conspired to stop me.
Our overall result does not show the fun we had, nor the friends we saw or met.
Huzzah all!


  1. Good pictures! Pity about day two, I accept little or no responsibility for your headache....

    Glad you did enjoy yourself!

  2. Lol, thanks Pooch.
    We did have a good time, but I may have to do something drastic about my dice rolling.
    Like, I may have to run a game again, to get the evil back!

  3. Great pictures Adam. I wonder what caused that headache? You were looking a tad under the weather in our final game


  4. Thanks Craig,
    It might have been the chip that was removed from my head the previous night.
    Or it might have been me trying to psychically make you miss a stormtrooper roll!