Wednesday, 27 February 2013

[Delta Green] OPFOR Models

Finally finished up these guys that I've had for years and been working on for the last two months between wargaming projects.
These are all from RAFM's Call of Cthulhu line.

The three maniacs
Just your garden variety serial killing family from the house on the hill... or is something else compelling them? Do they have thoughts of their own at all? Is their puppeteer even on this planet?

Tcho tchos 
Now these guys are a bit more complicated. At first glance, they are merely another misunderstood primitive tribe. They have preyed off of that reaction for centuries. Cannibalism is among the least of their crimes. Sacrificing other humans to ancient chaos beasts and aliens who give them actual supernatural powers is part and parcel of their existence!

Mi-go plotting. Who is that in the case?
Interstellar travelling, fungi based, insect like, manipulators of time and space. I could tell you more but you might find out what, or who is in the case.

Nightgaunt, nightgaunt...
Interdimensional message boy and grocery clerk. They roam far and wide, watching with no eyes. They can tickle as well.

These were a fun change from my toy soldiers.;-)

Here is a link to a Call of Cthulhu based movie that we did a couple years ago and is finally finished.


  1. So is the plan to run a miniatures version of Delta Green?

  2. No, just the regular rpg. But, I would encourage everyone in my group to bring minis. It's just cooler.
    Everyone paints so why not?

  3. I still don't think you got the Oscar Silverman death roll right.

  4. Do you mean the roll when the truck full of explosives, that he had 'designed', detonated prematurely, because it was hit by multiple bursts of assault rifle fire at short range?
    Or, do you mean when his arm was ripped off and used as a club?
    Miss you bro.;-)