Thursday, 22 November 2012

[Impetvs] Clan Dulo Nobles and the Khan!

Finally got the last two stands of my Bulgar medium cavalry done.

The Khan with bodyguards and musicians

Clan Dulo Nobles and Champions

Clan Dulo shield next to the clan enforcer's
Combined with my other units I should have a decent 500 point unit.
CM Cavalry M-10, VBU-6; 29 pts each x5
CL Light Cav M-12, VBU-3; Comp B 25 pts x2
S Cav Archers M-12, VBU-2; Short Bow B 12 pts x2
CL Nomad Allies M-12, VBU-3; Comp B 25 pts x3
FL Allied Slavs M-8, VBU-4; Javelins 19 pts x6

408 points, so with a commander and a command scheme...


  1. They look awesome, Adam. We need to throw down with them and the pseudo byzantines (wellmthey referred to themselves as romans....) as soon as possible!

  2. Thanks Jamie I am pretty stoked.
    We will have to have a game some evening maybe.
    Kinda pressed for time this week though. :-(

  3. They are looking super cool Adam!

    Is there anything left to paint for them?