Saturday, 17 November 2012

[EPIC Modern] Blood for Oil!

I know, not my usual mantra of 'Blood for the Blood God!' but I'm trying to appeal to a wider demographic now.;-)
Had another fun game last night and introduced a friend of ours to the new awesomesauce. Sadly Kruger didn't didn't make it though his Iranians did, and they look great as usual from him. Chieftans, Pattons and Tomcats oh my!
Pooch and I took on Andy and Keith for a playtest of some new rules as well as an intro for K.
This is will be brief as I'm trying to finish my Bulgars and fight another battle today!

Pattions and OT64's protecting their blitz objective behind the refinery

F15's dispatched the Iranian Cobras quickly

Chieftans ready to pounce with macroweapons!

Mech infantry and T55's in their starting positions

Hvy Cav foreground, MEU background

Pasdaran dug in holding a wadi

Iranian counter attack on the Marines

M1's LAV's and LAV TOW holding down the left flank in a wadi

Heavy Cavalry Troop supporting Marine infantry and CAAT 

OT64's and supporting infantry

Broken T55's and lurking Scorpions in a wadi

M551 Sheridans tear ass into the city Patton hunting!
Both of my Marine infantry companies got caned but we won in the end. Very fun game despite the fact I also lost 6 Abrams. My FA-18's did the business though our artillery didn't get much done.
The Heavy Armored Cavalry Troop was intact and ready for another fight!


  1. Great AAR! I like your terrain. Simple, but very effective.

  2. Hi Adam,

    I was gutted I couldn't attend though I heard my poor Iranians got smashed by the "Abrams Hammer" :(

    Truley the Americans bought the "shock and awe" (and stole all the oil) in what sounds like a pretty historical fight. F15s on Cobras is Rude!

    Next time!

    Refinery looks sweet too.


  3. Chris- Thanks mate, but the terrain is all Andy's except for the refinery which I just made.

    Jason- Cobras should leave our artillery alone.8P Was a fun game!
    Your Iranians got a lot of kills with mw M60's and Chieftains. Ouch.

    Refinery was inspired by tea candles and a berocca tin!

  4. Was a very interesting game- the Iranians made a big tactical mistake at the start, so they had a lot of ground to recover from that!

    F-15s are just watching out for their artillery buddies- nasty cobras needed to mind their own business!

  5. Hellos.
    I kind of discovered these blogs by pure chance and loving them so far. Excellent pics and lot's of 6mm stuff wich is my favourite scale...and is updated! Keep up the good job!

    1. Cheers mate, glad you like it and thanks for posting!
      Do you do moderns as well or scifi?

  6. Heya!
    For Moderns I am trying to assemble a 1:1 (as I don't like 1:X abstract rulesets, despite FFT3 looking so hot) Bumdeswehr PzBatallion (2012+ Heerstruktur 6).

    Problems arent the minis, but the rules. Toying with Battlegroup 2009 and FFT3 and always looking for other stuff....and since I have IG for Epic:A I am very interested in your custom version ^^

  7. I've also to convert some fellow Epic:A player to 6mm modern...and bribe them to grab some PLA thingies!