Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A short sharp shock.

Had my first Infantry Aces game with Simon, in between life and painting Bulgars!
I really like the low point infantry games, as well as the rpg like potential of crafting your Officers and NCO's.
Then I started building my force, I had almost 15 minutes....so I was like.
Nisei, two full platoons and HQ.
Nope, over 500.
Dismounted Cav.. similar story.
Anyhoo, I ran with one,  three squad platoon and one,  two squad platoon and bazookas for the points.
I should probably build some sniper models... nah.
Simon had a nice combined arms unit with mortars and engineers on top his two combat platoons of Trained Englishmen!
I have been super busy so I just grabbed the two platoons of Nisei and fixed bayonets!

We chose free for all and I picked the side that my jacket was on. We both set up and I moved first running up first platoon to threaten the left and a tasty infantry platoon.

 Second platoon held fast on the right.

Simon was mentally picturing himself flamethrowering my Nisei whereas I was picturing Sushi.

 Confident mustachioed men take a foray towards my center, trying to make my left advance falter.
His mortars keep targeting my first platoon but we unpin every time. Surprise!(?)
Right around now someone asked what a cheesy force in Infantry Aces might look like. I offered my own as a good example;-)

Simon's left most platoon before their ill thought assault. They did pin me but we counterattacked and crushed them, allowing us to move onto the objective.

Finally his luck shows up and after we realize he has no way of throwing them off he mortars them, gets four hits and I fail four infantry saves in a row! The butcher's bill is above, seven teams, all from 1st platoon.
Good fun as always mate, we may have to get you some new dice for Xmas;-)


  1. Infantry Aces - That's right! Need to get to work on some Soviet guns for that.

    Hmm. When you get Simon some new dice, could you replace Jason's and Chris W's or is that just mine? Because they have been terrible for me recently and great for all my visitors. I promise to keep my crappy dice for GM rolling.


  2. Is Infantry Aces a variant of FoW? Or a separate game altogther?

  3. Yessir Jamie!

    Keane Infantry Aces is a campaign of sorts for FoW in the back of Cassino. It has rules for Officers and NCO's to get skills and abilities, just like when I ran the 4th Cavalry Group campaign with you guys. I should have published it!

  4. Well whatever you did, it worked - much luckier tonight.


  5. Yep, no worries mate...
    er $100 dollars!
    For the free blessing.;-)