Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Paint yer wagon

I've been doing a bit of modelling for my Impetus baggage train/ objective. I plan on doing a couple yurts and a wagon that shows their nomadic nature. While doing so I did some research and found the difference between for example a typical nomadic yurt with rounded roof ribs and what we all picture as a yurt which is actually a Mongol version called a ger.

Here, my lovely assistant is fashioning a roof for one of the yurts. I, meanwhile, was working on the walls and a wagon.

Mmm, whiskey. And uh, planks, for my wagon.

Now I just need some wheels. Roughly 20mm should be right. No luck finding any yet and my first attempt at manufacturing them isn't what I wanted.
Meanwhile however.

Here is my new paint rack under construction, note the 5 ruble coin for a circle. 5 ruble coin equals 25mm btw.

More to follow, yes, I'm back painting my Bulgar CM's.


  1. Whiskey and Speights!! Good luck with the wagon and the paint rack.

  2. Thanks Rodger. Pictures are not from the same day!

  3. I have always found making good wheels a real swine of a thing to get right! What I have done in the past is buy plastic cart wheels from GW's mail order dept.

  4. The project is shaping up well and I'm pleased to see that 'lovely assistant' is involved in some productive together-time.

    But.... that's not a home-brew beer I see there.

    Looking forward to facing these over the table.

  5. Scott you are so right dude. Making them look right is tough. Good idea.

    Cheers Jamie. She is talented!
    I'm not a snob;-)
    I'm looking forward to throwing down too!

  6. The kicker is, you've got me really wanting to get some Byzantines - Basil II. Luckily no one who does free shipping sells them, or I'd be lost!

    So still Romans played sorta like Byzantines for me. The MIR list can do some of the right tricks.

  7. Yeah it's funny that we tend to group huge swathes of history together. So little changed 'objectively' yet I'm sure that a lot changed, just not as fast as our generations are used to.

    MIR, Middle Imperial Roman? So Roman Empire ca 300AD or so? They should proxy pretty well I should think.