Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The real Captain Daniel Inouye, MoH

I'm putting this in here because of several misconceptions about the Nisei that I hear from time to time.
'Nisei' means second generation and is no longer a common term in Hawai'i where it was obviously superceded by Sansei, 'third generation', etc.
When I was stationed there Daniel Inouye was a Senator and had been for hella years, soon after I found out his story. He was a legendary Democratic member of Congress from 1962 until very recently. (Evidently still is, my bad.) Since he's mentioned in Infantry Aces and I've been running a 100Bn, 442nd RCT force I thought I would throw in this somewhat humerous tribute. It has better real links at the end of it.


  1. I love this, because it sounds like how you explain everything.

  2. Are you of all people accusing me of hyperbole Dave?
    That's awesome bro.;-)
    Everybody meet my bro Dave.