Friday, 25 November 2011

Pecheneg is not a hayfever symptom

So I've finally got some publishable work done on my Impetus army of Volga Bulgars circa 7th century. These are my Nomad Allies of Light Cavalry, which I've decided are Pechenegs who were stomping around those parts as well. If you look close you'll notice a few stray Varangian mercenaries. Weird!

 So this is my leader stand if I use one, the red caftan is a dead giveaway. (VBU 4, VD 2,  I 1, Short Comp B), I made all three stands with two archers firing despite historical records calling the Pechenegs, "an all-archer army." Commentators don't know shit, modern soccer for ex?

With these guys being on the lower end of the economic scale of the 7th century only two get 'pretty horses' with a nice bay for the red coat and a black for a local horse thief cum mercenary. These two stands are VBU3, VD 1, I 1 Short Comp B as well.

The aforementioned Varangian mercs, as well as yet another pointless Movember tribute.;-)

Speaking of which, Bulgar CL's and Skirmishers are next!

Interesting wiki entry.


  1. I like the facial details of those models. And the wild, wind-scattered manes of many of the horses gives the illusion of speedy movement. Nice!

  2. Looks really good Adam, good work.

    Impetus, thats that other game I was obsessed about right? :)


  3. Those figs have brilliant character, now I see them painted. I'm quite keen to see how they are to play against with my 'timeless' Roman legionaries. :)

    And Kruger, the least said about your wargaming ADD, the better! :P

  4. Thanks guys, I had only seen a few of these mini's before I ordered them and that is what struck me as well.
    Funnily enough, for my Bulgar Cm's, I have a similar scheme in mind to your Prussian fleet Jason.