Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hot Infantry on Infantry Action

Super busy this week...
got a last minute date with Simon for some infantry on infantry action, 500pts.
Table was set up and we started talking and I admired the Epic A game next to us. Wussup Jason, nice Orcs! (Trashy I know.)
Rolled and got Cauldron again, I defend again, this time with infantry. I had got another platoon painted up, destined to be Combat Engineers in an Italian scheme.
I had enough troopies barely.
So for me;
HQ 2 Carbine Teams, 1 Bzk
Cbt Platoons x 2 6 Rifle teams, 1 Cmd , 1 Bzk
Weapons Platoon 4x LMG and 3x 60mm mortar

Simon had;
2x Cbt platoons
2x UC sections
Wasp section!

Again, what is a wasp other than an annoying insect.
Well, in real life it was a flamethrowing Universal Carrier used for assaults and carefully parcelled out to units destined for such.

I deployed around the center three ojectives as close as I could, learned from last time. He took one and left the center one, on the bridge and one on my left, objective 2.

I had attached, 3 lmgs and 3 mortars to my 1st platoon, leaving no ambush and my 2nd infantry platoon with 1 lmg.

My mortars were a big part of my plan...

I get the first move and decide (?!) to not move.

Simon kicks his horses in the balls and his UC platoon moves out, as do the Wasps.

Again we pass...

He has a carrier patrol of three each, going to both of our flanks.

He hits the western ford and we hit him with 60's, while to the east we have a lone jeep able to move into range.
The 60's have no effect but the jeep gets two bailed UC's!
Typically for me, I was hoping for better. One of my consistant issues in flames is optimism, unfounded utter bs optimism. Frak.

We continue to bombard the western ford and kind of just depend on the eastern ford staying bailed while we fail our reinforcement rolls.

His backup shows though. First one then another infantry platoon. The first shows up across the bridge from our center and starts making tea. The second moves up on our left behind the Wasps.
This is where I assume the main effort will be coming.

In an unclear order, (two days later), he unbails his east UC's, I continue to bombard his western UC's and Wasps. My reinforcement infantry platoon shows up behind my center and a bit leftish. (Not me, my platoon.)

The real issues came down to racing for the western objective, my mortars and two bazookas failed to kill his remaining two Wasps and they kill three teams!
The surviving bzk team kills a wasp and they leave finally, being unarmed now anyway!
Then his infantry move into the gap.
Meanwhile his UC's are behind us MGing my replacement platoon into half strength in a couple good rolls! (After they chased off the other half of the UC platoon.)

I have no way to throw him off the western objective. Game over dude.

It was a quickly put together list and my first all infantry unit. Hella fun, I love how effective veteran infantry is! It's definitely a carrot for painting.
I had totally counted on two bazookas to kill his two remaining wasps and that screwed me.
You cannot count those chickens before they are hatched.
However, I would also say that you must gamble.

I was so busy that I had no pix from the second half. Sorry.

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