Sunday, 19 June 2011

Combat Engineers, not Engineers Combat

So I've got another infantry platoon pretty much ready to go. This one is my Combat Engineer platoon, usually referred to incorrectly as an Engineer Combat Platoon by BF.

These were gifted by Pooch and Andy from Cavs here in CHCH after they took pity on my all armored car and jeep units.
Much thanks to you guys and Cavs in general for all of your support!
I've also done more basing work on my artillery battery.

I thrashed around for a good idea to set them apart and finally settled on concertina wire, pretty ubiquitous as well as illustrating the combat part of the engineers. So after I had them painted and had put down a nice Tunisian/ Sicilian/ Italian dry base I coiled some wire from our chicken wire rolls* around a 6mm drill bit to get the appropriate scale. Trimmed to size I then stuck in a couple staples as stakes.

I liked the look and though I am worried a bit about it staying put, the main thing I'm worrying about now is it's too new looking for a battlefield! It's too thick as well but it's decent enough for a symbol anyway, I hope!
So it's up to a splash of orange and brown paint for rust and a black wash to make it look thinner as well a warry.

So these guys will be handy for mid or late war, are a great complement for my Cav or for my Infantry company.

I also had a bit of damage from our latest aftershocks. Our chess set got thrashed. Typically, it also claimed another coffee press our third.

Also here you can see my next objective in progress called 'Out of gas'

Next I have to finish my bloody 105's, their staff team and an observer team armed with a BAR! (Both teams from Andy!)


  1. Looking good Adam!

    The dulled down Wire looks much better :)

    Arty is looking cool too, you are inspiring me to look at doing some more work on my Krauts sometime.


  2. Thanks homey. I'm a little self conscious about the wire now. But I know that most thinner wire is more springy and a pain.
    We should throw down some time soon;-)

  3. Everything is looking great, Adam!

    Man, this is making me want to get the paints out soon. Keane unloaded his Brit paras, though, so I don't know who my Stugs are supposed to shoot at now.

  4. Hey bro, thanks!
    You totally should, your SS Panzergrenadiers were looking great. With the Stugs the Pak 40's and the infantry you're onto a great start. People will play at whatever points you have available.
    If you build it, they will come;-)
    Seriously, there are tons of FoW gamers in Seattle.