Sunday, 18 November 2018

Team Yankee: The Northern Flank

A pretty lazy post honestly. Just showing some of my work for TY.
Includes M60A1 ERA reactive armour mod as well as Humvee fording kit.
I need some more M60's and maybe a platoon of M1's or Leopards...hmmn.

This is not how to coil, more like a dog and pony static display


Humvees in MERDC with fording kit and expeditionary loads

Early WIP of grunts and CH46D

Grunts are nearly ready to rock. CH46D in progress

LAVs and CH46D w M2 BMG

Early WIP Humvees

Humvee fording kit and F4S

M60A1 ERA WIP, one complete and two sets of ERA

Ready for paint

M60s WIP

M60s WIP

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