Sunday, 2 October 2011

Market-Garden in the Garden City

So after my foray to the US Antarctic Program I headed back to my box seats at Market-Garden.

Things were in the thick of it after three hours of battle. I had just missed Jason's spirited defense of the routes out of Eindhoven with his fanatical FJ AT teams. Smoking Sextons and other armored vehicles showed the work he had done.

Here are the main Generals, Andy and Simon, thrashing about wildly in Nijmegen. The US paras, (Martin and Nathan), had been nearly completely decimated by Pooch's 'reluctant' Luftwaffe troops and now the Guards were getting thrashed on the right as well.

 The Welsh Guards getting stuck in. Rick's Shermans holding the right.

Hell's Highway indeed. Simon's Cromwells had to be recycled to feed the German guns.

 1 Para about to attacked again by Jerry, (Dave actually), in Arnhem. Lionel held out for ten turns here.

After Josh's Panthers showed up on the right, the shooting gallery was open for business.

 This was as far as XXX Corps got. Just over the Wahl and charging down Nebs. Keith's Irish Guards made it 11 feet in 10 turns! (The carriers out of picture to our left here did anyway.;-)

Jamie's ruthlessly efficient Panzer IV's hunting down the last of Jeff's Paras while they were trying to hook up with Arnhem. Stephen's Paras were similarly pinned and destroyed in place by his infantry guns, mortars and HMG's, unable to advance to aid either of the other two Coys.

Despite not playing I was really glad to have stopped by. As said by others the bar has certainly been raised on what is possible here at Cav's. Already there is talk of another EPIC scale event, Cobra and Greenline, or Kursk have all been mentioned.

Big Kudos to all of the players and organizers! Huzzah!!!

Infantry Aces is on now folks...


  1. Jeff now has a 'grudgelist' vs me that unfurls all the way to the floor, when he rolls it out.

    It was an Epic game - a pity Stephen a. forgot to bring his own infantry support arty (Jeff wasn't inclined to loan fire-missions from his) and b. got disheartened too early when it was clear that I had the right flank locked down after mercilessly eliminating every Para ATG I could see. Jeff made real progress on my left flank and the addition of Stephen's troops could have turned it for them if they just dropped smoke and then 'played the odds' by throwing in enough Para platoons to swamp poor outnumbered Sperbervande Harzer.

    Highlight for me was the WTF Help as I got attacked in the rear by Paras from a third coy attacking OUT OF ARNHEM. Lionel did well.

  2. Jamie's full write up is here.
    Great job.

  3. Just got published on the FoW site.
    Nice one Simon!