Friday, 30 September 2011

Witches Brew

Had a good hangout with Simon while we shot each other to hell via FoW.

Simon is MC'ing a huge event here tomorrow at the SAS club.
Market-Garden; heard of it?
20 feet of tables,
18,000 points baby,
a huge collection of Christchurchs best Generals,
one word EPIC! (Cue super moto metal fade out.)

Our game last night was more routine if anything.
Welsh (Tyne and Tees) vs Cav (Task Force A)

1750 points LW, rolled the Cauldron.
Map was a bunch of hedges and a couple of hills.
It started with a bang...

Royal Artillery 17 pounders waste my XO (2iC) and then my CO (OC) while they 'hide' in their M8's behind a shrubbery. My CO gets his warrior save and jumps in the combat engineers jeep. (Shit!)
Suspiciously to Simon (?!), the 17 pounders attract all of the wrong sort of attention.

My wierdly paced CEP throws down with and artillery battery and gets badly handled. Meanwhile on my left the M5's manage to bog one, who refuses to drive all day afterwards.80

The throw down in the rear continues for a bit longer but it's the P47's that are killing stuff. Bombing the hell out of the arty battery as well as the AT guns.

My reachable objective becomes more possible when my Cav platoon shows up. Killing dug in veteran infantry is nigh impossible. The odds are like one in 100 at FP 6.

I killed those guns, but never put enough pressure on that flank.
Ran out of time.
Talked too much brewing etc...

Always fun mate. See you tomorrow.


  1. Great pictures and an interesting looking battle. Know what you mean about 'chin-wagging' during a game, and then afterwards we all look at each other and wonder why we run out of time!

  2. Very nice photos and a great looking game.

  3. Thanks a lot guys, love the feedback.
    BigLee, it's funny but 'chin wag' is the exact same expression my mate Simon uses.