Sunday, 29 May 2011

Cav vs the PBI revisited

Simon and I have a great time hanging out, of course that means we kill each other while we practice our Flames techniques. We've been using the 600 point format so things move quickly as I always show up late and move slowly etc.
Last week I savagely machinegunned every one of his infantry stands in a torture test of our M1919A4 MG's.
This week we had both threatened to reboot our lists in another 600 pointer.
Simon had but lazily I hadn't. He had his two infantry platoons but this time brought two patrols of UC's, 2 with .50 calibre MG's, and 2 AVRE's.
I peed a little.
If you are unfamiliar with British Armor let me fill you in, it's basically a Churchill tank with a 26cm spigot mortar used for demolishing buildings and pillboxes. As a Churchill it's side armor is 7, which is the AT for my Stuarts, so NO chance at penetrating it from any side, either of them.
Additionally he had 4 Defrocked Priests to cart around his Tommies in.
Deciding to roll for a mission instead of just racing for the center we get Cauldron, since he has the Funnies in his list he must attack.
Not the best situation for me, but we'll give it a go. I set up three objectives one on each road towards my lines and one in the center of the village, which he removes forcing me to spread my Combat Engineers pretty thinly and underlining, for me anyway, my poor AT capabilities with only 2 bazookas.
My Sacrificial Stuart platoon was in ambush and my Cav patrol and Scotts were in reserve.

He rolled his random deployment and placed the AVRE's to my right with a carrier patrol and another carrier patrol to my left. He also got reserves! A pair of Defrocked with a platoon of infantry aboard which popped up behind the AVRE's to my right as well. They all begin to double around a hill directly in front of the village but are only exposed to my engineers at the extreme right which can't touch them.

Seeing their chance the Stuarts pop and haul ass around the corner. Time to kill some Priests!

After much of the oldest discussion in wargaming, line of sight;-), we decide that only three of them can see the rear Defrocked. I'll take it, 2 shots needing 4's, and 4 needing 5's.
Blammo, killing the lightly armored vehicle and only one infantry team survives the brew up.

His UC's machinegun my Engineer platoon and kill their jeep, then the AVRE's begin demolishing the village in order to save it(!), killing a couple teams including my platoon commander!

My bazooka's are out of range of all but one of his UC's so I hold my fire and pull my hair.
My Company Commander has to nominate a new Platoon Leader for the embattled ECP, also note that the AVRE's and the UC's are intertwined so if I assault he machine ME to death.
The Stuarts swing around to my left and try to discipline the UC patrol over there but they get off lightly.
Then more Priests show up!

They promptly kill my XO (2iC for you;-) with a good shot at max range. A couple times over I think. With all of these Defrocked Priests around I knew someone was gonna get bad touched!

My Stuarts run around the corner again, this time to my left, talk about speed saving the day! They manage to hit one of the Priests and this time two teams survive the brew up. Hard lesson here folks, do not get those things near AT weapons!

On the right Simon can sense my weakness and he gets ready to finish off the Engineers with more shooting against them with his AVRE's. Lots of infantry saves are made.

On my turn we hit another Priest with a bazooka and again only two teams survive the tea party! One platoon gone!
On the left the Staurts can taste blood and roll up to machine gun the PBI.

They hold though, as does the carrier platoon which has one killed and one stuck on a hedge!
Finally the CO has to roll up with the surviving engineers to attack the UC's while the Stuarts try to finish off the 2nd platoon of Tommies.
Finally we succeed in chasing off both platoons, IIRC, and the company fails it's morale check and pisses off on their unscathed and unsupported AVRE's.

Zoinks, scary game for a while there especially because my reserve platoons, you may have noticed, NEVER SHOWED up. I'm looking at you Sgt's!

Anyhoo, cheers Simon great fun as usual! Your new Defrocked Priests look awesome. Getting ready for Market Garden I expect?

(A Cav patrol and my favorite assault gun section pisses in my cheerios.)

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