Saturday, 30 April 2011

Shamelessly goading myself...

...into painting and purchasing more miniatures. Getting and reading more military history will undoubtably be another side effect. Theoretically, these are not healthy pursuits, in praxis however they are still what I like to do.
I can point at several people with an accusing finger but I won't, Jason and Jamie you're off of the hook.
Ruth is also to blame of course, having run off to Japan for a couple weeks and leaving me to entertain myself.


  1. Good stuff, Adam.

    I think I am going to have to create a new blogroll category - since all the local wargaming bloggers almost outnumber the good WOTR bloggers.

    In addition to these things helping motivate me to keep progressing the projects, I like to think of them as distributed brainstorming: I am constantly finding the next things I will like to get into, on like minded peoples' blogs. So another, to gather the information, is more than welcome!

  2. Thx Jamie, agreed on the rolling brainstorm.
    I've got a few viruses from you and Jason.
    Wargame itches and that is all!;-)
    Appreciate all of the help and support.