Tuesday 26 March 2019

Charicon WLG Team Yankee USMC List (Late Post)

BMP Horde and T64s (Brian)

BMPs all over the place and dismounts too!

Combined Anti-Armor Team (CAAT) is in the HOUSE!

Company command in M60A3 (and the FO in a not bulletproof field...)

The centre of town looks clear though...

T72s and Hinds (Chris)

Spearhead pays the bills...

Desert platoon advances

Cue the inevitable attack helos

M109s and Copperhead will come into play later...

For ex. this platoon was wiped pout by Copperhead (and tanks!)

This objective (for the LAV C2) becomes a bloodbath. #missingphotos

Did you know that a hind is a tasty female deer? (Tasty but elusive!)


The fray!

Note that in this picture, everything is dead except the CAAT and the Hind.

Send more tanks!

The last USMC gunline.
Huge props to Brian and Chris. You are both good fun to play and great sports. This is why I play when I can. Brian smashed me and and I narrowly beat Chris.

Monday 18 February 2019

8-rad 'destruction', Jarheads and 'B*NGs'

Does this even happen? Oh you bet it does. But this time I'm making another silly post title and a an acronym stretch. All at once.
8-rads are thise awesome German armoured cars with eight wheels. I have ended up with two objectives centered around the destruction or bogging of such, their modern cousins that is. Which have become quite ubiquitous.

Big 'ol Netherlands' Guns, BONG platoon. Evidently I will have to run them as an attached company per TY rules. Whatevers! BONG platoon. As in, they have the 120mm L/55 smoothbores that we all want.

Sunday 13 January 2019

Team Yankee: Putting some doctrine in the cliche mix...

Lol, high minded post titles.
Had a game finally, threw down against a Soviet Guards T64 company. My oh my those are nice tanks.
Sorry, no pics or battle reports though. Other than, got some kills with my M109s and smoked most of a platoon of BMP2 with a LAV platoon. I can hear the bushmasters howl...

A WIP of a LAV-C2 that I'm working on as an objective marker.

CH46D number 2 WIP, the door guns are placed better now 

M109s, F4S and CH46D

Most of my Marine gang at the moment, I can finally field a good, combined arms, 70pt list

A bloody awful kit, mind you the only 1/100 CH46 on the planet...

Sunday 18 November 2018

Team Yankee: The Northern Flank

A pretty lazy post honestly. Just showing some of my work for TY.
Includes M60A1 ERA reactive armour mod as well as Humvee fording kit.
I need some more M60's and maybe a platoon of M1's or Leopards...hmmn.

This is not how to coil, more like a dog and pony static display


Humvees in MERDC with fording kit and expeditionary loads

Early WIP of grunts and CH46D

Grunts are nearly ready to rock. CH46D in progress

LAVs and CH46D w M2 BMG

Early WIP Humvees

Humvee fording kit and F4S

M60A1 ERA WIP, one complete and two sets of ERA

Ready for paint

M60s WIP

M60s WIP

Monday 15 January 2018

Another Twin Engine Beauty

A26 Invader by Italeri. I was tempted to do up the Cuban version flown by both the FAR, current government of Cuba, and the FAL or "Bay of Pigs" invasion forces. This kind of points up my obsession with this aircraft. Birthed in the second world war and refined by wartime demands, it was a very well designed a/c for it's day. Beyond serving in US use in three wars, WW2, Korea and Vietnam, it was also used extensively overseas by US allies and proxies including Indochina, the Congo, Indonesia, Angola and Biafra.(!)

Great inspiring action shot. Note: Boeing officially licenced product logo.
"If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going" Old ad campaign that bled over into aviators circa WW2.

Building and pinting the cockpit first helps alot.

I didn't have a suitable aircraft interior anti rust colour so I mixed up my very own aircraft zinc.

Note that I also painted all of the interior while it was on the sprue and as I assembled it.
I remembered to paint a bunch of the small interior bits on the sprue. Since most of it is inside, no one will know...
A bit of bog was helpful, mostly it fit very well.
I had a couple gaps, where I had slightly mis-aligned a wing and it had knock on effects down the road. Nothing too bad, but annoying as the kit itself was quite good.
I decided that putting the wheels on first would help the masking...YMMV.
The A-26 is a sexy beast indeed, I can imagine some young bomber pilots realising that they got handed a real hot rod. Same engines as the much heavier B-26 and 10,000 lbs lighter, 4,000 combined horsepower in the two Twin Wasp engines. 570kph!

Tamiya cans are very nice, all of the ones I've used so far are tops.

After this I just did a bit of weathering and added antennae. Now another garage twin engine beauty.
I have a more brief post about my OV-10 Bronco build, also in 1/72 coming soon. What goes with these three?

Monday 24 April 2017

Finally a bit of modelling

Now that I've graduated from Uni(!) and got a new job (!) time for some hobbies! Got a bit of modelling done. I decided to finally have a hack at this very interesting kit that my wife got me in Ukraine years ago. The SB-2, also known as the Tupolev ANT-40, was the most prolific and advanced bomber of the mid to late thirties. It saw service with the loyalist forces in Spain as well as against the Finns in Russian use. During Barbarossa, many were destroyed on the ground and in the air they struggled against the modern German fighters. Shifted East in order to survive they provided the bulk of the medium bomber support in the early Great Patriotic War years. They were however quickly replaced by the more powerful Pe-2. Interestingly, many SB-2 were sold on to the Kuomintang/ Communist forces on China.

This kit was bouncing around my garage for years!

Don't confuse these with the slightly later Ilyushin DB-3 of "Torpedonostsy" fame. (This movie is highly recommended from me!)

I went with the boring yet ubiquitous Soviet dark green paint scheme.
 The kit itself was very tough for someone like me! Brittle plastic, poorly fitted castings, some very small pieces and rubbish decals. Ugh, at least it's over now!

It really makes the red pop!
That said, it will be a nice complement to my 1/72nd scale collection that is slowly growing in my garage workshop!

Some Republic of China Air Force schemes.
I toyed with the idea of doing the KMT markings but couldn't find any on short notice. Now that I've seen how terrible the decals look I may go ahead and replace them at some point. (That picture is from a museum in Wuhan, China and taken on my crummy old phone a couple years ago. lol)