Sunday, 13 January 2019

Team Yankee: Putting some doctrine in the cliche mix...

Lol, high minded post titles.
Had a game finally, threw down against a Soviet Guards T64 company. My oh my those are nice tanks.
Sorry, no pics or battle reports though. Other than, got some kills with my M109s and smoked most of a platoon of BMP2 with a LAV platoon. I can hear the bushmasters howl...

A WIP of a LAV-C2 that I'm working on as an objective marker.

CH46D number 2 WIP, the door guns are placed better now 

M109s, F4S and CH46D

Most of my Marine gang at the moment, I can finally field a good, combined arms, 70pt list

A bloody awful kit, mind you the only 1/100 CH46 on the planet...


  1. Looking good my brother!!! Love your attention to detail my man!!

    1. Chur bro, you lead the way on these things mate!
      I am just about to plop the LAV into the bog... fear is the mind killer