Tuesday 26 March 2019

Charicon WLG Team Yankee USMC List (Late Post)

BMP Horde and T64s (Brian)

BMPs all over the place and dismounts too!

Combined Anti-Armor Team (CAAT) is in the HOUSE!

Company command in M60A3 (and the FO in a not bulletproof field...)

The centre of town looks clear though...

T72s and Hinds (Chris)

Spearhead pays the bills...

Desert platoon advances

Cue the inevitable attack helos

M109s and Copperhead will come into play later...

For ex. this platoon was wiped pout by Copperhead (and tanks!)

This objective (for the LAV C2) becomes a bloodbath. #missingphotos

Did you know that a hind is a tasty female deer? (Tasty but elusive!)


The fray!

Note that in this picture, everything is dead except the CAAT and the Hind.

Send more tanks!

The last USMC gunline.
Huge props to Brian and Chris. You are both good fun to play and great sports. This is why I play when I can. Brian smashed me and and I narrowly beat Chris.